Transmission – Repair & Service – Including Rebuilds & Upgrades

transmission repair and service

The transmission is perhaps one of the most important elements of any vehicle, as it helps to power the engine and make the car move forward. If you think your transmission may be in need of service or repair, it’s important to take it to a shop with the skills and background related to your unique vehicle. At RB Auto Service, we have the skills and the know-how to repair, rebuild, or upgrade the transmission in your Corvette or Cadillac. Read on to learn more about how a transmission is inspected and repaired.

Transmission Troubleshooting & Repair

There are several potential causes for transmission problems, so each step is important in determining the root of the problem as well as the next steps to fix it. When you bring your vehicle in, we will:

  • Check your fluid levels: The level of transmission fluid is absolutely crucial to a healthy transmission since it serves as a coolant, hydraulic fluid, and lubricant. Dirty transmission fluid should be flushed and replaced with clean fluid, and this is the most common cause for problems in many vehicles.
  • Perform a road test: It’s important to drive the vehicle in order to check for any shift sequences, slipping, and other noticeable issues to better pinpoint the problem.
  • Engine operation test: It might not be the transmission that is the problem, so we’ll perform an engine operation test and full diagnostics to find out why your engine is not working the way it should.
  • Check engine mounts: If the engine mount goes bad, it can cause your transmission to move, changing the normal shifting sequence which results in poor operation.
  • Pinpoint leaks: If you have a bad seal or a loose connection somewhere, it can cause a large amount of fluid loss, affecting the operation of your transmission.
  • Inspect the transmission pan: There could be excess metal in the transmission pan or filter. If there are any metal components, this could be causing damage to your transmission that can get worse over time, creating an even bigger issue later.

Take Your Vehicle to the Experts

Understanding how your transmission works and how complicated it can be will help you realize how important it is to take your vehicle to a shop that understands the many facets of this essential part of your engine. You want to get back on the road as quickly and as safely as possible, so don’t leave your vehicle or your transmission to chance.

Come visit the pros at RB Auto Service located in Pinellas Park, FL or give us a call at 727-430-8750 to schedule an appointment today!

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