The Cadillac Northstar Oil Leak Is Infamous and We Can Fix It

If you drive a Cadillac with a Northstar 4.6 engine, you’ve probably found yourself dealing with a nonstop oil leak. Searching automotive forums online will return suggestions that you use an OTC leak stopper to fix the problem. We wouldn’t recommend that here at RB Auto Service. This is a temporary solution to a well-known problem that has plagued Cadillac ever since they released this engine. We can fix the infamous Northstar engine leak permanently, giving you the long-term solution you need.

From Where Does the Motor Oil Leak?

The tendency to leak oil placed a stigma on Cadillac’s Northstar engine, and rightfully so. The most common places where oil leaks from a Cadillac Northstar 4.6 engine are the

  • Crankcase seals
  • Crankshaft seals
  • Drain plugs
  • Oil filter adapters
  • Oil level sensors
  • Oil manifolds
  • Oil pans
  • Oil pressure sensors
  • Timing covers
  • Valve cover gaskets

Your Cadillac might leak oil from one or more of these areas. Depending on the severity of the leak, you may be driving your Caddie with low oil all the time, which can damage the engine significantly.

When Does the Oil Start Leaking?

We wish we could tell you that your Northstar engine will never leak, but our experience tells us otherwise. There’s no way to avoid this. It’s understood that every Cadillac Northstar 4.6 engine will start leaking oil at some point, regardless of the Cadillac model that you drive. The most common mileage interval at which the oil leaks appear is between 65,000 miles and 70,000 miles.

How Much Damage Do the Oil Leaks Cause?

The damage that the oil leak causes depends on where the motor oil is leaking from and how much oil is leaking out of the failed engine part. For example, if your Cadillac is leaking oil from the valve cover gasket, this will do more damage than it would if it were leaking from the oil filter adapter. The valve cover gasket sits high in the engine, and the motor oil can leak down into other engine parts.

Aside from oil burning on the engine and the odor and blue smoke that will cause, as the oil leaks out of your Cadillac’s engine, the parts will lose the crucial lubrication that prevents them from overheating. Motor oil draws heat away from engine parts by reducing the friction they create as they rub against each other. The low levels of motor oil will overheat your engine parts, causing them to breakdown.

Don’t worry. We have a special service designed exclusively to repair the Northstar 4.6 engine oil leak. Schedule an appointment with RB Auto Service in Pinellas Park, FL, today.

Photo by Jan Sztemon from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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