Solutions To Cadillac Suspension Problems

One reason why Cadillac reigns supreme in luxury automobiles is the company’s breakthrough air-suspension technology. No ride is smoother than a ride in a Cadillac. As with all technology, however, these Caddie suspensions can come with their own set of problems. RB Auto Service specializes in Cadillac automotive service, and we can address your Cadillac’s suspension problems right away.

Common Air-Suspension Problems

Your Cadillac’s air shocks will start to leak as they age. When you first fire up your Caddie in the morning, the air compressor will kick in and run briefly. If you hear that it doesn’t shut off, the shocks are likely leaking and not filling with air to full capacity. The compressor will keep running in a futile effort to fill the leaking shocks with air. If you replace the air shocks quickly, you won’t burn out the compressor. What makes this common problem plural, however, is the compressor will burn out and need to be replaced, too, if the shocks aren’t replaced.

Common Active Suspension Problems

Your Caddie may be equipped with an active suspension instead of an air suspension. This, too, suffers from a common problem: a faulty control module. The active suspension is designed the make sure your Cadillac feels the same no matter what speed you’re driving. The active suspension softens, if you will, when you’re driving slower to enhance the rider’s comfort. When you pick up speed, the suspension tightens for better protection. If the control module malfunctions, the suspension will not be able to make adjustments. Another common problem with this suspension type is the shock actuators, which can return an error code if the control module is bad.

Cadillac Suspension Conversion

There will come a point in your Cadillac’s life when the cost to repair the air suspension is just not worth it. The parts will have outlived their lifespan, and replacing them will be more expensive than converting the air suspension. This is a restoration service that replaces the air suspension with a modified suspension that is less expensive yet still gives you the comfortable ride you expect from your Cadillac. Certain features are omitted during the conversion, such as auto leveling and active damping, to save you money in the end. These features are not necessary to maintain your Caddie’s comfy ride.

Give RB Auto Service in Pinellas Park, FL, a call if your Cadillac is giving you a bumpy ride or you notice your suspension’s air compressor is running longer than normal. We’ll inspect the suspension and get you back to that smooth and luxurious ride you expect.

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