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cadillac service

Cadillac Service

You need your Cadillac to be reliable and enjoyable. You need diagnostics to be accurate, and repairs to be timely, on budget, and done to last. We meet those needs and we do it all with great service. From shuttle service to a comfortable waiting room (with complimentary drinks and snacks) to our friendly and honest demeanor. We make your satisfaction our #1 Goal. Tell me more about great Cadillac service

Corvette Service

We know that it takes love to own a Vette. It takes love to repair them properly as well. We truly love these cars. We love the styling, the power, the technology, and the people. Corvette owners are a special breed. Many mechanics hate working on Corvettes because their owners love them too much and demand the best. That is fine by us. Corvette owners are our people and we deliver high-quality attention to detail work these cars and their owners deserve. Whether you have a C2 museum piece, a C4 daily driver, an autocross modified C5, or a drag-ready C6 we can handle your needs. Tell me more about how RB Auto Service can care for my Corvette


Northstar Engine Oil Leak Reseal

Don’t get nickel and dimed repairing the complex oiling system on the Northstar one seal at a time. Save time, money, and aggravation by pro-actively resealing the entire engine at once. Our service is the most convenient and cost-effective way to make your Northstar 4.6 or 4.4-liter engine leak free and our service carries an unprecedented 3yr/36.000 mile warranty. Tell me how I can have a leak free Cadillac

head gasket fix

Northstar HeadStuds the Permanent Head Gasket Fix.

Some Cadillac owners will, unfortunately, be faced with a head gasket failure of the Northstar. A little reading will tell you that this is a tricky repair with a high rate of repeat failure. But set your mind at ease. The Northstar can be repaired permanently to its former glory and you can trust and enjoy your Cadillac again. Help Me to Permanently Repair my Northstar.

expert cadillac suspension service

Expert Cadillac Suspension Service

Cadillac excels at the design of suspension systems that perfectly tread the line between sporty and luxurious. These complex systems require an experienced professional to ensure that the balanced ride quality is maintained during repairs. Advanced active suspensions, electronic level control, and other design feature required specialized tools and training for proper service. We are here to help with factory repairs and cost-effective conversions. Help Me Repair My Cadillac Suspension


SRX and STS Transfer Case Repairs

Owners of First Generation SRX’s (2004-2009) and STS’s (2005-2011) equipped with the AWD (All Wheel Drive) option may experience a loud ratcheting noise from the transfer case. The prescribed repair is usually a re-manufactured transfer case. At RB Auto Service we repair these units in house saving you time and money. Help Me Repair My Transfer Case Locally for Less

exhaust systems products

Performance Exhaust

The performance of the Corvette and many Cadillac models can be greatly improved with the installation of a performance exhaust package. Even small changes like new performance mufflers can give your ride that aggressive sound you always wanted. From Mild to Wild, from muffler replacement to full performance exhaust with cut-outs, we can help. I want my Vette/Cadillac to have better sound and performance.

c5 climate control panel repair

C5 Climate Control Panel Repair

C5 Corvette Climate Control Modules may suffer a failure that results in the display being dim, taking a long time to “warm up” to full brightness or being completely inoperative. This module has been discontinued but we know how to fix it too last. Tell Me How to FIx My Climate Control Panel

ac programmer repair

1996 Corvette A/C Programmer Repair

1996 Corvettes may experience problems with the airflow from the heat and A/C vents. These problems include air coming from all the vents, stuck in one mode or on defrost slow switching times, and others. Usually, these problems are caused by the A/C Programmer and we can fix it even when others say it can’t be done. Tell Me How to Fix My Airflow Problems with My 96′ Vette

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