Engine Repair & Service

engine repair and serviceWhether it’s your check engine light or a poorly running engine, there can be a wide range of reasons that your Corvette or Cadillac may need repair. From something as simple as a missing gas cap to a cracked engine block, it’s important to take your vehicle to professionals who have the skills and background to get the job done right. Visit the experts at RB Auto Service, where we provide comprehensive engine repair including rebuilds and performance upgrades.

Engine Basics

Your engine is an internal combustion engine that converts gas into energy, propelling the car forward. While hybrid cars use both gasoline and electrical power, most standard cars still rely on gasoline alone. When a part is worn out, loose, or broken, it can cause a wide range of problems that can be something simple or complex, depending on the situation. It’s important that your vehicle stays in optimum working order so you can go on about your daily life without the added stress of a broken-down engine.

When Do You Need Serious Repair?

Some issues with your engine may be simple to fix, while others can cost a pretty penny. Just a few examples of more in-depth engine issues include:

  • A cracked engine block: This part of your vehicle is a large housing that holds the internal combustion engine and if it cracks, the engine can no longer hold the pressure of the fuel and pistons as they produce power.
  • Problems with pistons, rings, and cylinders: Your pistons do most of the work to help your vehicle move forward. As they move up and down the cylinder walls, the rings help to close the gap between the two. If these components are damaged, you’ll notice a loud rattling sound, blue smoke coming out the exhaust, and even an oil cap coming off.
  • Issues with rods, bearings, and pins: If any of these items break or go bad, they can cause a blown engine. Keep an ear out for loud tapping or ticking noises, and look for metal shavings in your oil. You may also notice unusual rattling whenever you hit the gas pedal.

Don’t Take Chances

If your Cadillac or Corvette is making strange noises or “running rough,” don’t take a chance. Bring it to an experienced mechanic who has the know-how to diagnose and make the correct repairs as soon as possible. Whether you need an entire engine rebuild or an upgrade, visit RB Auto Service in Pinellas Park, FL or give us a call at 727-430-8750 to schedule an appointment today!

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