Diagnostics – Computer, Electronic, And Electrical

diagnosticsToday’s vehicles are more complex than ever before, and it can be difficult to know exactly what’s happening if you encounter a problem. Whether it’s the check engine light or a strange noise, your Corvette or Cadillac may need repair. If you’re uncertain about what could be wrong with your car, bring it to the professionals at RB Auto Service where we specialize in all models of Corvette and Cadillac. Our team uses the latest state-of-the-art diagnostics tools so we can quickly and accurately troubleshoot the issue.

What Happens with a Diagnostics Test?

When you bring your vehicle in for diagnostics, we’ll first perform a visual inspection of the engine and any other components that may be dealing with an issue. Then, we use computers that connect to your vehicle’s onboard computer to perform a thorough system analysis. This computer gives us a series of codes that will interpret what is happening inside the engine, electronic, or electrical system. We also perform research to find out if there are any recent Technical Service Bulletins that may notify us of any new issues with your particular car.

You should bring your vehicle in for testing if you experience drivability issues such as shaking, knocking of the engine, or idling while stopping. If you’ve noticed a reduction in fuel economy, this may also be a cause for concern. If the check engine or service engine light has come on, or if it is flashing, it’s definitely time to bring your vehicle to us so we can perform a thorough diagnostics.

More About Diagnostics Testing

Any time your car’s check engine light is illuminated, a specific code is stored in your vehicle’s built-in computer. Usually, around four to five specific conditions must be met in order for that trouble code to be set and stored. The technician will check all of the codes against your car’s condition before recommending specific repairs. These codes are just a small part of the bigger picture, however. After the code has been interpreted, the technician should further test the specific areas indicated to determine the true problem. These diagnostics help us accurately determine why your check engine warning light has come on.

If you’re concerned about your Corvette or Cadillac, you should bring it to us as soon as possible so we can make a correct diagnosis before things get out of hand. Ignoring engine trouble can cost you much more time, money, and frustration in the long run. Come visit the pros at RB Auto Service located in Pinellas Park, FL or give us a call at 727-430-8750 to schedule an appointment today!

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