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hiperstrut Cadillacs are renowned for their smooth riding air suspensions. Cadillac’s commitment to ride quality has resulted in many breakthroughs in suspension technology from self adjusting air suspensions to systems with variable hydraulic valves that can change “personalities” to magnetically variable ride control. The ride quality of a Cadillac is a big part of what sets these cars apart. After many years of faithful service you may find that the ride quality of your Cadillac has diminished. The staff at RB Auto Service are Cadillac Suspension experts. We can restore that factory smooth ride that drew you to Cadillac in the first place. Whether you need shocks, struts, ball, or control arms we can help. We are able to source high quality parts at great prices and pass those savings on to you. Our pricing policies don’t involve doubling and tripling our parts costs before we sell them to you. This pricing policy is what is behind most high quotes for Cadillac Suspension repairs. We charge a nominal percentage on top of our cost to cover the work associated with sourcing the part and to fund warranty expenses. We usually sell parts for less than you could buy them for yourself.

Air Suspension Problems

The most common issue with Cadillac air suspensions is leaking air shocks. This is usually first noticed as the compressor for the shocks cycling more often than usual. It is not abnormal for the compressor to kick in for a short period each morning. But, if the compressor stays on for several minutes every morning or kicks on throughout the day these are early warning signs. Early detection is key in these systems. The humid Florida air is hard on the air compressors and the extra duty of compensating for a leak often causes the compressor to fail. If the leaking air shocks are found early enough replacement of the compressor is usually not necessary

Conversions Available Here

While RB Auto Service offers the absolute best quality and value for Cadillac suspension repairs we also offer conversions for that point in a Cadillacs life that restoration of the air suspension is not cost effective. These conversions restore acceptable ride quality and performance but save on cost by removing features such as active damping and auto leveling.

Active Suspension Problems

Cadillac also offered active suspensions. These suspensions varied their damping ability based on road conditions. These systems could provide the soft feel necessary for comfort at low speeds and the stiffness required to protect the vehicle and passenger at higher speeds. The most common problem I see is faulty control modules. Surprisingly this is not an expensive repair. The only other common problem is faulty actuators on the shock absorbers. The single most common fault I see is a trouble code for an actuator circuit that is set by a bad module. Often by the time I see these vehicles the shock or strut in question has already been replaced at the cost of the vehicle owner or a system bypass has been attempted when the proper diagnosis and repair was the faulty module. We have the tools and most importantly the everyday experience of working on these systems day in and day out. We can find the exact cause of your suspension problems and give you the option of restoring that great factory ride or bypassing the system and transitioning to a passive suspension.

03-07 CTS/V Front Lower Control Arm Bushings

The bushings on the lower control arms of the 03-07 CTS and CTS-V cars eventually wear as do all bushings. Most repair shops will quote $5-600 or more to replace EACH control arm. This is because neither the control arms or bushings are available through common aftermarket parts vendors. The control arms are only available as an assembly from Cadillac unless you know where to look. We can source both soft (like OEM) and stiff(sportier ride) replacement control arm bushings. Using these we can rebuild your existing control arms for a very reasonable price of $550 for BOTH.

STS/SRX Front Lower Control Arm Bushings

Like the CTS bushings these are currently only available as assemblies from Cadillac. We have sourced the only direct fit bushings we know to exist and order them in from an overseas supplier and stock them on the shelf. We can rebuild your control arms for much less cost than replacement.

Contact Us for a Quote

Prices of suspension components vary widely between models and years of Cadillacs contact us for a quote on repairs or to set up an appointment for inspection. Use the contact us button at the top of the page or just call at 727-430-8750.