Cadillac SRX And STS Transfer Case Repair BW4476 & BW4479

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cadillac-srx-and-sts-transfer-case-repair-bw4476-bw4479 SRX and STS Transfer Case Rebuilds and Repairs

Ratcheting noise when accelerating in your all wheel drive SRX or STS? Chain stretch is common on the BW4476 and BW4479 transfer cases. Luckily the problem can be repaired for less than you think. Common estimates for installing an outsourced rebuilt transfer case are around $1500. We rebuild in house and can save you considerably by replacing only the failed components, or go for ultimate reliability with our full chain, sprockets, bearings and seals rebuild at a cost still lower than $1500.

Deal Local for the Best Service

When installing an outsourced rebuild you run the risk of having a warranty headache. If you do have a problem your unit will have to be sent out examined and repaired or a replacement sent out. This can leave you without your vehicle for weeks. At RB Auto Service we can rebuild your SRX or STS transfer case in house same day. If there is a warranty issue we order the parts if we don’t already have them in stock and get you back on the road in a few days at the most and usually the same day. And, you get to look the man doing your rebuild in the eye and know who is going to be accountable for your satisfaction.

What Makes That Terrible Noise?

If you look closely you will see the chain on the right is slightly longer than the chain on the left. The BW4476 and BW4479 do not have chain tensioners. The chain must maintain its length or else it will slip on the sprockets under heavy load. This small amount of stretch is all that is needed to allow the chain to slip and make the terrible noise. In most cases the sprockets are fine and all that is needed is a new chain. In more severe cases sprockets are required as well. In the most severe cases involving poor maintenance it may be necessary to replace bearings as well. Rarely are other repairs needed as long as the noise is addressed early. If allowed to continue the noise could lead to a costly failure of a shaft or planetary gear set. If you have this noise the best course of action is to address it sooner than later.

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