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ACProg1 Many 96 Corvettes experience airflow problems from their heat and air conditioning symptoms. These symptoms include –

  • Slow transitions when settings are changed
  • Stuck on defrost
  • Air flowing from all vents or multiple vents at all times
  • Air flow from the wrong vent
  • Air flow stuck on one setting
  • Many times these symptoms are caused by a design change to the A/C programmer for the 1996 model year.

The image above is of the connectors used in the 1996 Corvette A/C programmer. The programmer is responsible for directing engine vacuum to different servos attached to doors in your heat and A/C system to direct the air flow to the appropriate vents.

The connector pictured is for the vacuum lines to the servo and from the engine. New to 1996 was a rubberized “nipple” on the male/programmer side of the connection. The addition of the extra rubber extension was meant to provide better sealing at the vacuum line connections. In practice, they often become soft and collapse with age. When they collapse the result is one of the symptoms listed above. In this article, we will show you what modifications need to be made to your program to solve these issues. But also we would like you to consider having us repair this issue if you are local to the Tampa Bay area.

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Remove A/C Programmer

Remove the driver’s side hush panel The programmer is to the right of the accelerator pedal It has a blue electrical connector and green vacuum connector Remove the bolt holding the A/C programmer to its bracket Re-position the Programmer Disconnect the electrical and vacuum connector You may disconnect the vacuum connector by loosening the nut You can also cut the vacuum lines off at the green connector You will be cutting them later

Remove Black Connector

Remove the cardboard back cover.
If you cut the vacuum lines in the previous step remove the speednut and remove the green connector now Remove the hex nut and remove the black connector from its location in the programmer body


Trim and Repair Connector

With a razor knife carefully trim the rubber nipples from the black connector The tips of the black connector should be rigid plastic when trimmed Replace the nipples with 6-8″ lengths of 7/64″ vacuum tubing This will bypass the green connector and eliminate the problematic nipples


Re-install Repaired Connector

Slide new tube sections through the corresponding holes in programmer body Re-install bolt and nut to secure connector.


Re-install the A/C Programmer

Re-install the back cover Re-install the programmer under the dash Take care to install the vacuum tubes in the right orientation An image will be provided below to aid in installation


96 A/C Programmer Guide

This image shows the colors and orientations of the vacuum tubes to the connector